Amy Schweim is a Breakthrough Life Coach, Educator, Yoga Instructor, and the Founder and Owner of Womens Radical Pursuits. Her company Womens Radical Pursuits is an Adventure Travel Company that provides empowering experiences for women by combining Mountain Biking, Yoga/Mindfulness, and Cultural Exploration into Mexico, South America, and Spain. She powerfully assists women in making empowering transformations through life changing travel adventures, Intentional Leadership, and Breakthrough Coaching . She has a BS in Education, and also holds certifications in Breakthrough Coaching and Yoga Instruction.

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What does it mean to Amy to Live Inspired?

“It means discovering your passions and creating a vision where your personality serves the energy of your soul thus creating your unique purpose and calling in life.

It means believing in yourself so strongly that you fearlessly blaze your own unique trail.

It means loving yourself wholeheartedly so that when you fall short, you are able to pick yourself up with compassion, self-love, and the courage to move forward.

It means not holding back; being bold, daring greatly, and practicing vulnerability to speak your truth, your fears, your imperfections, and to love yourself through it all.

It means living with integrity and intentionally creating your reality, the world you live in, and, the lense through which you see and experience life.

It means finding your bliss; the things in life that make you come alive and feel pure joy and bliss.

It means finding gratitude for every moment you are here on this planet. For the ups, downs, and all arounds.

It means cherishing every experience and finding the beauty, lessons, and silver linings life presents.

It means living life on purpose and creating a unique legacy that will impact and touch the lives of others.

It means trusting that the ‘next steps’ will appear when you take the leap of faith in the direction of your dreams. It means trusting the process and your unique internal GPS.

It means DOING YOU; unapologetically.

It means living fully alive, fully awake, and ON PURPOSE.”