Co-Ed Colombia All Mountain Enduro Style Mountain Bike & Yoga Adventure

Gravity assisted adrenaline provoking single track awaits you!

Join Women’s Radical Pursuits for a truly EPIC Endruo Downhill Mountain Bike Adventure to Colombia, South America! Ride through ancient trails created by Indigenous tribes 500 years ago and discover the magic that lies in the mystical Colombian Andes. This eight day adventure will take you through incredible single track descents rolling through the lands of rich Colonial History, stunning coffee plantations, and beautiful cloud forests.  You will be immersed with local food, culture, and off the beaten track adventures like no other. The only risk in joining us to Colombia is you will not want to leave!

What’s included:

  • 6 days of EPIC Mountain Biking!
  • All MTB Transport
  • SHREDLY Mountain Bike Shorts of your choice!
  • Daily Vinyassa Yoga/Mindfulness classes
  •  All food and accomodation!
  • Coffee Tour at Finca Loca Salento
  • Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs Entrance Fee
  • Airport shuttle (pickup and drop off)
  • 24/7 Bilingual Guide
  • Complimentary life coaching upon request
  • WRP Truckers Hat!
  • Amazing, unforgettable experience!​

What’s not included:

  • Airfare
  • Laundry fees
  • Personal taxi fares 
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Extra activities and personal spending interests

GET READY to be awed by the vibrant colors, rich food & culture and EPIC single track Colombia has to offer. Our outfitters at EPIC Andes are ready to provide a once in a lifetime experience! They are two local Colombians with a heart full of passion to share Colombia’s best hidden single track through the beautiful Andes mountains. Not only are they expert guides, but they are two former

National Downhill Racers who spent years on the race circuit representing Colombia. During that time, they were fortunate to race and explore through Europe, Canada, and throughout South America. After years of racing around the world, they found themselves back home in the Colombian Andes with a new passion to share their amazing bike community, culture, and epic trails with adventure enthusiasts around the world! You will be in the best hands to discover the beauty of Colombia, both on and off the bike. Get ready to fall in love with it all!

Apart from a small number of dedicated bike trails, Colombia riding is a maze of unmarked trails that require knowledge of the area in order to be found! Our guides have dedicated more than a decade competing and traveling throughout Colombia and have gained knowledge of the ‘local hidden gems‘ of each region. You will be guided through the best single track Colombia has to offer while supporting the local economy along with EPIC Andes goal and vision to create sustainable tourism striving to minimize the impact on the environment and local communities. 

Now, let’s talk about the riding…

This adventure is not for faint at heart! These are serious Enduro style trails consisting of an approximately 20% climb with 80% descent covering rocky and technical terrain that rolls through farms, coffee plantations and cloud forests. Descents range between 2 to 3,000 feet per ride! These tracks are no joke!

The first two days of this EPIC Adventure will start with single track riding approximately 50 miles outside of Bogotá in Cundinamarca to get warmed up on our first descents that will get the adrenaline going with stunning views and challenging technical features. Your taste buds will be delighted as you will be fueled with traditional Colombian Cuisine on and off the trails and your sights will be enamored with the vibrant colors and stunning mountain views. 

After our first two days riding, we will head to the coffee region and base out of Salento. Salento’s brightly colored streets and buildings will light your spirit and make happiness easy to attain just by the sights alone! The single tracks we will be riding over the next three days will take us through the Magdalena River Valley. Our descents will begin around 9,000 feet and cover fast and technical sections with lush vegetation that provide a variety of challenging features mixed with nice flow! Each day will leave us a bit exhausted but the exceptional food of the coffee region will revive our energies! We will have one rest day to explore the Ocaso Coffee Plantation where we will have a guided Tour to learn about the plantation and the coffee making process! This is a ‘must do‘ seeing Colombia is one of the world’s largest coffee producers! We will also spend one evening soaking in beautiful thermal hot springs outside of Salento along with plenty of time to explore cultural activities in the afternoons after riding sweet single track! If you like moving to Salsa beats, there will be opportunities to dance too, if that’s your jam!

Full Itinerary

Day 1: Arrivals!

You will fly into El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá and we will be there waiting to pick you up! We encourage you to find an early flight to arrive in the morning so we can get out of the city and in route to where the singletrack begins! We will stay in the beautiful pueblo of Choachi for the evening and rest up for our first big day on the bikes!

Day 2: Cundinamarca

We start today with a nice Yoga practice to stretch out the body after a long journey south and to get the body and mind ready for 5 days of EPIC singletrack riding ahead!  Everyday will begin with an energizing Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice followed by a delicious traditional Colombian breakfast. After stretching and fueling, we will head out each day for our EPIC Mountain Bike Adventures! The first of our rides will ascend up to the Paramo of Matarredonda about 30 minutes outside of Bogota, on the Eastern Andes Mountain Range. It is a beautiful ecological park that provides an escape from the city along with sweet singletrack! We will make a nice long technical descent from here taking in the beautiful scenery of the Andes! After finishing our first trail we will take an unpaved road to connect to the next single track, another sweet descent! We will end the day with some delicious traditional Colombian food!

Day 3: More of the Cundinamarca Region!

Today’s EPIC adventure will start by riding towards the town of Facatativa where we will begin singletrack from the Eastern Andes Range that will lead us to the Central Andes Range. Today’s descents will be fast and flowy with technical sections and a little hike a bike to add some extra challenge. Today’s descent will drop us close to 8,000 feet in 12 miles! The riding in the Colombian Andes is NO JOKE! We will pass through little villages where we will have a chance to try the many different flavors and food of Colombia! After finishing the epic singletrack for the day, we will arrive to the village of San Javier where the truck will be awaiting us to take us to eat and fuel up from a big day on the bike! After dinner, we will rest up before going to the Coffee Zone Region of Manizales and Salento where we will be riding the following days!

Day 4: Coffee Zone & Ocaso Coffee Plantation

We will leave early in the morning from Girardot and drive three hours towards the highest point of the Central Mountain Range. We will drive to just over 10,000 feet to arrive to our first singletrack Downhill route today. We will literally be above the clouds here you will see! The route will take us down dirt, roots, and rocks all the way to the base of the mountains where we will pedal 45 minutes to get to our second epic singletrack for the day which is fast and flowy with lots of switch backs. We’ll stop to see one of the endemic birds of this zone called the Barranquero as we will cruise through an area where they nest. Today’s singletrack will take us to a town called Calarca where we will stop for lunch. Afterwards we will head to the beautiful and colorful town of Salento where we will stay for two more days. The day will wrap up with a tour at “Finca Loca Salento” to learn about the coffee production seeing we are in one of the top coffee producing countries!

Day 5: Coffee Zone & Valle de Cocora

Today’s epic route will start with close to two hours of climbing and hike a bike sections that will take us through beautiful landscapes en route to an incredible and fast descent close to 3 hours! Afterwards we will pedal the road 30 minutes back to Salento where we will have a late lunch. From there we will visit the spectacular and surreal Valle de Cocora where we can hike around under the tallest palm trees in the world that cover the mountain landscapes! They can grow to 200 feet and are considered the National Tree of Colombia!

Day 6: Manizales & Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs!

We will leave the town of Salento by bike pedaling 7 miles to arrive to our first descent passing through farms. This descent is super fast and flowy and ends with a technical rocky section. After this one we return pedaling to Salento and ride another five miles to our next descent of the day which is another fast and flowy singletrack also shared by horses and mules. Once finished, we will pack up our things and head towards the beautiful city of Manizales. In route we will stop to soak at the Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs to soak our tired and sore bodies! We will stay in Manizales for the night.

 Day 7: Grand Final; Manizales!

Today marks the last day of riding the EPIC singletrack of the Colombian Andes Mountains! It will be a shorter day just under 10 miles seeing we have a 6 hour drive back to Bogotá to get everyone back in time for flights home. Today’s route like many of the rest will take us down a fast and flowy singletrack with roots and rocks to keep us on our toes! We will enjoy the last views of the spectacular Central Andes Mountain Range before returning to the big city and spending the night in Bogotá.

Day 8: Departure

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end so it’s time to high 5 your new riding buddies! We will make sure you get to the airport with plenty of time to catch your flight to get you home safe!

Cost: $ 2,795